Souks Mediterranean Street Food | For the Vegetarians

For the Vegetarians *vg-vegan

Classic Falafel

Mix leaf, tomato, hummus, tahini sauce(vg)


Falafel & Seasonal Grilled Veggies

Mix leaf, tomato, hummus, tahini sauce(vg)


Grilled Haloumi

Mix leaf, tomato, olive tapenade, caramelised onion, & babaganoush


Veggie Delight

Falafel, cauliflower, haloumi, babaganoush, mix leaf, tomato, tahini sauce

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Tue-Sat Lunch 11am till 2:30pm
Tue-Sat Dinner from 6pm to 9pm

Closed Dec 24 til Jan 11 2024

Reopen Jan 12 & 13 Dinner Service Only

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